Imani’s Bluebell Sasha

Imani’s Bluebell Sasha

Bluebell is our first generation of breeding. She is out of Rosie and Horacio’s first litter in May 2012. This last year she has started to preform very well at the dog shows having won her first Limited Class, and always coming in the top 3 of some of the most competitive classes at the show. Isa has been her main handler and it is a wonderful partnership.   Bluebell is a gentle soul who is always quick to notice if someone is feeling down and out.

Show Critiques

“Nice head, elegant topline. Straight back and very good tailset. Correct angulations, a little too close behind, a bit too wide in front.  — Hans E. Gr̈üttner (Germany), LADIES KENNEL ASSOCIATION OF KENYA, 48TH OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP DOG SHOW (14th and 15th February 2015)

“Outstanding type, beautiful face, excellent bodyline and hind angulation. Nice movement.”  — — DR. NIKSA LEMO (CROATIA), 157th CHAMPIONSHIP DOG SHOW (25th & 26th October 2014)

Pedigree and Health Clearances 






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