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48TH OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP DOG SHOW 14th and 15th February 2015

JUDGE:   Hans E. Gr̈üttner (Germany)


Class 106 – Puppy Dog

1st Yoder-Maina’s

PLAY MOR SPECIAL EDITION (POL) – Lovely head and expression, correct body proportions. Excellent coat, good angulation. Moved well for his age.


Class 109 – Graduate Dog

1st Yoder-Maina’s

CHABLAIS HORACIO (CAN) – Nice head, very good topline, straight, but a little too long, back. Very good angulation, moved very well, but carried too much weight today.


Class 115 – Junior Bitch (BoB JR)

1st Yoder-Maina’s

PLAY MOR WHAT IF COSTA STERLINA (POL)- Lovely head and expression elegant topline, straight back and short tail. Good proportions, very good angulation. Moves well. Carried too much weight.

Class 116 – Novice Bitch

3rd Yoder-Maina’s

BLUEBELL SASHA – Nice head, elegant topline. Straight back and very good tailset. Correct angulations, a little too close behind, a bit too wide in front.


Class 118 – Limit Bitch

3rd Yoder-Maina’s

ROSINANTE FORTUNA – Nice head, eyes a bit light. Good topline, correct angulation, Movement OK.


Wanja won Jr. Handling 3-6 years olds


Isa won Jr. Handling 6-12 years olds and then won the challenge with the 12-18 year olds!



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