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Stud Dogs

At Imani we are proud to offer, at stud, two well bred, hip scored tested, trainable, fit Labradors at stud. Both with fantastic, typically biddable, sociable temperaments.


However breeding a litter is never something that should be undertaken lightly, or with the idea that it is a good way to:


  • Definitely make some money (You can just as easily have a small litter, with large vets bills and end up with a huge bill not profit)
  • Teach the children about the joys of nature (It can be distressing to lose puppies at birth or even days or weeks later – and nature can be very cruel how easy or difficult whelpings can be on a bitch…..)
  • Get a ‘chip off the old block’ for certain from a beloved dog (even directly related dogs can be very different from one another)
  • Because a bitch *should* have a litter to calm her down (Total old wives tale, it never works and a manic, hectic bitch is NOT a good candidate to be a mother…..She may well reject the puppies and you could have to raise them yourself by hand).

Our Stud Service

With that hopefully taken onboard, we, at Imani confidently offer a stud service from our boysAs a minimum, any bitches coming to the boys will require:

  • To be a good tempermented Labrador Retriever. We do *NOT* accept any breeds other than Labrador Retrievers to the boys.
  • To be hip scored and have an acceptable hip score.
  • To be around 2 years of age as a minimum and 7 years of age as a maximum. Bitches having their FIRST litter will *ideally* be between 22 months and 4 years of age.

Your first litter will always be a daunting prospect. To assist, we can give you on request, a leaflet we have written giving you an idea of what to plan for and consider when having a litter from your girl. We also hope that we give clear advice on when to bring your girl to the stud dog, we make the mating as straightforward as possible, and we are there every step of the way should you need help and advice. We are always at the end of an email, a phone call or a text to offer friendly and practical help.

All upcoming litters to the boys are placed on our website and we are lucky that our website is widely viewed and many, many excellent puppy homes come to you, via us. See our facebook site where we list the litters due soon to our Boys.




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